Our Approach

The Illuminico Difference


Each project is unique, so we take a step back with our clients and design partners to understand their goals and objectives. Illuminico helps find the balance and compromise between what our clients want, and what they need, and we tailor our pre and post purchase service as required by the specific client and project requirements.



Bringing a human element to a numbers-driven industry, we provide direct accessibility to our team and pride ourselves on open communication in order to bring reliability and clarity to your project.


Just ask our clients. The architects and lighting designers we work with will tell you (though it may come as a shock…) we actually give a damn about each and every project we work on. You may call us your supplier but think of us as your partner.


Lighting is technical. Add to that the hundreds of different brands and millions of product options and you’re often left with a lot of confusion and unnecessary costs. Find peace of mind knowing that illuminico’s team will navigate through all the details and connect the dots to make every project look amazing while achieving your budgetary goals. By leveraging our expertise and strong relationships with lighting and controls vendors, we give our clients confidence that someone is looking out for their best interests.


We understand the importance of costs and budgets and how they drive a project. If it’s a specified package, we work hard to get the package within our clients targeted budget. If the project requires value engineering, we’ll take time to understand the design intent, work with the design team to transform the specification to meet or beat the budget goal. If we’re entrusted to provide the specification, we’ll make our selections that fit within or under the budget.


illuminico’s unique company culture of respect, teamwork and partnership translates to our clients in that we will always do what’s best for you and your projects – regardless of what’s best for us or our vendors.